“Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and thus put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts; see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.” Malachi 3:10

Hurray! Hallelujah!

After a long summer of watching the giving and attendance go down, down, down, our giving met and surpassed our weekly total needed of $2,500 last Sunday. You all made me nervous: our expenses went way up this summer due to big items that came into need of routine maintenance all at once: the parking lot was sealed and painted. The landscaping was changed for future ease of care in the Corozine Memorial Garden, the general landscaping was done by a professional landscaper, Vacation Bible School taught 30 children about trusting Jesus, and more.

Our usual reserves which we leave in the check book are depleted from these expenses. We needed your help. If you have not given your tithe over the summer, please consider doing so now. If you would be willing to give extra to the general fund to get us back to where we were (we usually keep a $20,000 buffer in the checking account), it would be greatly appreciated. Nonetheless, welcome back and Welcome Home!

Welcome Home! Is our new theme for evangelism at Christ the King. We are now welcoming people home to this parish as their new church home. We will begin to start marketing ourselves as THE place to make your church home. Watch for this in the coming months.

What are you good at doing? What gifts has the Lord given you? We are asking for those who are not currently serving to serve. We have 26 ministry positions open. These are 26 opportunities to use your God given gifts to praise him. The positions are as involved as running the Men’s or Women’s ministries or as small as posting Meal Train listings online when people in the parish need meals delivered over a few days or weeks. To see a listing of the different opportunities to serve the Lord, click here.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to get ready for Stewardship Month which falls in October this year. Remember the Pillars of Stewardship (Prayer, Scripture, Service, Tithing, and Attendance). Review your Stewardship Promise to the Lord from last year. Prepare to fill out your new Stewardship Promise this year.


Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski