“Then Hannah prayed and said: “My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high.” – 1 Samuel 2:1


The main way we know the Lord is prayer.  Prayer is communicating with God just like we might have a conversation with a friend, a person we admire, a person with whom we are thankful, and more. Prayer is based on the fact that God is a person who wants to communicate with us.  In his creation, he has wired us to have this conversation.


There are prayers throughout the Bible. Job has prayers of anger and grumbling. Moses, Hannah, and Mary rejoice in the Lord. The Psalms is one long song book that is prayer after prayer.  These are prayers that are written down for us and we can use them to pattern our prayers.


Our prayers can be of any form. We are open to the spirit as people of God so, we often involve our bodies in our prayers: raise our hands up, offer our hearts to God, lay on the floor with our face down before the Lord, and more. If we are good at singing, then singing is a form of prayer that the Lord loves. In fact, Mary, Zechariah, Hannah, and Moses, among others, sang unto the Lord.


The summit of all prayers is the Mass itself. It is one long prayer consisting of smaller prayers throughout. We pray for God’s help to prepare us to confess our sins. We confess our sins as a prayer. We are given a prayer from the priest or bishop to forgive our sins, we hear God speak back to us in the scriptures and the preaching.


This Sunday begins Stewardship Month and the first Pillar of Stewardship is Prayer.  Charlie Risley will tell us more about prayer. Please be sure to be there at 10 am to hear his talk.  On October 31, you will be invited to fill out your Stewardship Promise in our second online Ministry Fair.  One of the first things you will be asked to consider is how you are going to deepen your prayer life, deepen your conversation with Jesus Christ, in the coming year. Start to think about that now and ask the Lord what he would like you to do to make prayer more central and deeper in your life.



Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski