“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his steadfast love endures forever!” –Psalm 118:1


               Please mark Sunday, September 26, 10 am on your calendar. It is going to be a big day.

               It has been a good week. To be honest, I am so thankful because I had a string of not so good weeks. On Wednesday, I was praying my usual morning prayer and the Holy Spirit filled me with consolation and told me to start asking this person to do this and that person to do that. I met with Bishop, then went out and started making phone calls.

               I am pleased to announce that our new member, Heather Scott, who will be baptized and confirmed on September 26 at Mass, has agreed to become the Welcome Team Director following in our beloved Linda Karkowski’s footsteps. Heather is a manager at BJ’s Stores. She has one daughter, Annabella, who will be baptized at the same Mass. Mama first, then the child. I don’t often hear someone say, “I am so excited!” when they are taking over management of ushers, but she is and now I am, too.

               I am pleased to announce that Kristi La Paitra has agreed to manage the Nursery under Education and Formation. Kristi works at a pre-school and has shown that she knows how to teach her boys how to participate in Mass. I tease that she brings the Rodriguez Brothers All Screaming Choir to daily Mass, but her boys know to make the sign of the Cross and to say “Amen” after I say, “The Body of Christ.” I am filled with excitement that she has decided to drive from Newburgh and be a part of our community.

               I am pleased to announce that our beloved Kate Hults has agreed to teach Sunday School. Kate has been very active in our parish before her family moved away and told me that teaching “gives her life.” This is what it means to be “Charismatic:” We have God given gifts (charisms) that we use for the building up of the Kingdom of God.

              I am pleased to announce that Dolores Francini has agreed to organize the collection of materials and the putting together of Blessing Bags, taking over for Robert Kavanaugh who recently moved away. The assembling of the bags will be SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7 immediately after the 10am Mass. Please put this on your calendar. This falls under our Missions Team.

              I am pleased to announce that Beth Glace has agreed to organize us in helping an Afghan family recently removed from Afghanistan to resettle, we hope in the Hudson Valley. She is making contact with different groups seeing which one is the one with whom we will work.  This also falls under our Missions Team.

               So far, 2 people will be received into membership, 3 people will be Confirmed, and 2 will be baptized on September 26 at Mass. I am awaiting word from the others as we speak (keep tuned in here). Four persons from the New Members Class have reached out to me this week to discuss their newly found discipline of reading the Scriptures everyday. They are excited about the 26th, but are already becoming disciples. It will be a big deal and I would like to ask you to make sure you are in attendance at the Sunday 10 am Mass.  Please pray for your new brothers and sisters.

               The Lord is good and is blessing us richly. Please look inside you and think of the things you do well. Please contact me and let me know what is your joy and passion. This is the gift the Lord wants you to use for the advancement of his Kingdom. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski