Dear Sunday School Families,

Thank you all so much for making our first day of Sunday school a success!  Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us, so please be patient with us as we move forward navigating COVID guidelines. 

After a wonderful opening day on January 24, we are so excited to continue the Sunday School classes and Fellowship Hour for the parents.  We will continue hosting a simplified Fellowship Hour each week featuring pre-packaged snacks, goodies, and coffee which will vary each week while the kids are in class.  It was fun to kick off our first day of Sunday School with a COVID-19-Compliant hot breakfast, and we look forward to having hot breakfast available for special holidays and events in the future. 

Below are a few reminders and updates.

Keith Libolt,
Director of Religious Education



Registration is Required!
Click HERE to Register
Space is limited due to the COVID-19 regulations.
All students must be registered for Sunday School.
Seats are filling up fast! Please do not assume that your seat will be available.  You will need to register each week.

All parents must be registered for the Fellowship Hour.

For those of you who are staying for Mass after Sunday School, there is a question on the registration form asking how many people in your family will be attending Mass.  This is important for our Welcome Team to prepare seats for your family in Mass.  

Sunday School Start Time
Sunday school classes begin promptly at 9am.
Please bring the children directly to the classrooms between 8:45am-8:55am.

Please arrive on time so the kids don’t miss out on the fun activities!
Please be sure the children have had breakfast prior to arrival.

Sunday School teachers will escort the children back to the Fellowship Hall at 9:45am to meet with their families.

Fellowship Hour for Parents
Fellowship Hour for the parents starts at 9:00am while the children are in class.
Parents gather in the Fellowship Hall to chat about life.  We will have coffee, tea, and pre-packaged COVID-19-compliant snacks.  Please wear a mask while at the Fellowship Hour.
Snacks will include a variety of whole fruits, granola bars, yogurts (dairy & dairy-free options available), and individually wrapped pastries.  All items available while supplies last.

Hot breakfast will be only available for holidays and special events (within all COVID-19-compliant regulations).
Children must have breakfast prior to Sunday School class.
Simple snacks will be available for parents during the Fellowship Hour.
Due to COVID-19 regulations, we are unable to allow students to dine in the Sunday School classrooms.  The classroom space is not large enough to allow children to remove their masks.  There is more space available in the Fellowship Hall where the parents gather, which allows us to provide simple pre-packaged snacks for the parents while we maintain social distancing protocols.



The children will be released during Mass after the Blessing of the Children before the homily.  The children will be following the Sunday School teachers to the classrooms to enjoy more activities and crafts that coincide with the lessons of the day!  The children will be escorted back to the Mass after the homily to be with their families.