Prayer Scripture, Service, Tithe, Attendance

There are two things I need all of us to consider.

First, I recently sent a letter to 15 adults who are new to Christ the King inviting them to become members of our church. We are growing. With that new growth has come some new demands on us.

Next, last August was Stewardship Month. I told you then that I would come back to those themes over and over throughout the year. As we get ready to close our April and are in the midst of the Season of Easter, I wanted us to return to these in the midst of our joy at the Risen Savior and his appearances to the 12.

Because of our growth, we have every ministry in the Church asking me to bring more people to them to help us achieve the Lord’s Mission.

  • We have a critical need for 3 more people with knowledge of software and technology to assist in the Production ministry.
  • We need 2 more ushers.
  • We need 2 more teachers.
  • We need 1 more nursery care person.
  • We need 5 more altar servers (boys and girls, men and women, can be altar servers).
  • We need a Missions Director (remember the Blessing Bags? Robert needs help).
  • We need 2 people to help in maintenance.
  • We need 2 people to assist with youth.
  • We need 2 people to assist with fellowship hour for the parents at Sunday School.
  • We need 1 person to lead the Men’s Ministry.
  • We need 1 person to lead the Women’s Ministry.
  • We need 2 more people to help plan Parish Events with Parish Life.

Have you done your Stewardship Check? Are you praying like you wanted to pray in your Stewardship Promise? Are you reading your Bible like you wanted to in your Stewardship Promise? Are you tithing and attending Mass/Reconciliation like you wanted to in your Stewardship Promise?

If you have not considered one ministry in which to serve in the Church, which is part of Stewardship here at Christ the King, we really need you to step up now because we are growing.

If you are interested or willing to help us please check out our “Get Involved” form. Fill it out. Then we can keep up with the growth we have going on.


Fr. Mark

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski