Staying Safe at Christ the King CEC

Here at Christ the King CEC, we are so happy that people have resumed coming to church.  It is wonderful to see everyone’s smiling faces (behind masks, of course).  We are excited to announce that we have new daily devotionals from Our Daily Bread ready for the new year!  You may pick up your copy this Sunday in the Narthex.

As you are all aware, the number of reported cases of COVID-19 in Ulster County has started to spike again.  As we are coming out of the holiday season and we start to resume our day-to-day lives, it is important that we make every effort to ensure the safety of all those around us.

We would like to kindly remind everyone of our safety protocols and procedures here at the church when you are visiting.  (Click here to read more about our Gathering Again Plan

Please continue to be safe and healthy. 

God Bless,
Christ the King CEC


Social Distancing
We all miss hugging our friends and loved ones whom we haven’t seen in a long time.  It is important, however, that we continue to follow the guidelines for social distancing so we can reduce the spread of COVID-19.
–  Please maintain at least 6′ between yourself and other people who are not within your household at all times.
–  When singing, please maintain at least a 12′ distance if you are not wearing a mask.
–  The church has taped out markers on the floors in all areas where a line may form.  Please be sure to utilize these lines to help ensure social distancing.

Please wear a mask. 
Masks are required when you are standing, walking, or singing at any time. 
Masks may be removed when you are seated with members of your household, at least 6′ away from other people, and speaking only.  When singing, please use your mask.

Temperature Checks and Hand Sanitizer
As many of you already know, our Welcome Team has been committed to taking the temperature of each person as he/she enters the church building.  Please be sure to follow the guidelines.

Please limit the restroom usage to only 1 person at a time.  Throughout the Mass, please raise your hand to alert an usher as needed.  The usher will escort you to the restroom so we can continue to maintain social distancing.

We know that the children have been missing playing with the toys and books in the nursery throughout this time.  Instead, we have been happy to provide Children’s Bulletins and individual packs of crayons to help keep kids engaged throughout the Mass each week. 
If you have a baby who needs to have a diaper change, please alert an usher.  The usher will be happy to unlock the nursery to allow a diaper change as needed.