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Music Ministry | Christ the King Church

Music Ministry

“Every voice in concert ring…”

Welcome to music at Christ the King Parish and Cathedral.

Music is a vast and vital tool in which we engage to grow in our walk with God. It’s much more than just a song we like or an instrument we play.


In this place, our desire is to be in tune with what’s already going on in the heavenly realms, that we too may be engaged with praising our God alongside all the angels and saints through music.


Please scroll down to see some more reflections on the music ministry.


What You Will Encounter Here…

At Christ the King, there are a number of musicians that make up a music team, particularly for the Sunday Mass. Music team members rotate in and out throughout the month based on desire and availability. The musicians lead the Parish for the full duration of the Mass, including traditional hymns, contemporary praise & worship songs, folk songs from around the world, formal Mass settings, and more. The style of music here is deliberately varied but also focused on bringing the Parish in on what’s going on throughout the Mass, such as the scripture readings and homily.  There might also be occasional music for daily Masses held throughout the week.


Invitation to Get Involved…

If God has blessed you with a musical talent, I encourage you to use it – and you are certainly invited to do so here at Christ the King. Whether it is singing or playing an instrument (there’s a place for ANY instrument here, trust me!) or both, I invite you to contact me about getting involved.


We generally have a rehearsal during the week and Sunday mornings before the Mass. We have music teams leading the variety of music for each Mass, a children’s choir that meets right after Mass every week that will sing a few times a year, as well as soon creating other specific groups.


Love & Peace,


Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine…”

Chris Losee

Chris Losee

Director of Music

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