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Christ the King Missional Community


Missional Communities are small home-based gathering that facilitate the church in becoming the Kingdom of God in the world.  These groups focus on teaching a kingdom worldview, worshiping our creator, and bringing the Kingdom of God to the world around us.  Our Missional Communities are also an avenue to build relationships, with other believers, by creating an atmosphere of fellowship.  Our communities meet twice a year for 10 weekly sessions in the fall and the spring. 

Stewardship: Meaningful Use of His Gifts

Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man went on a journey and called his servants together and entrusted to them his property (Mt. 25.14).  This is important because the foundation of this passage is that God has entrusted his earth,...

Sample Post for Ministry Page

This is a sample blog post for blank ministry template pages. It serves as an example of how a staff member can log into their account on the newpaltzchurch.org site, write a blog, click the appropriate category, and then have it appear on their staff...

Archdeacon Keith Libolt

Archdeacon Keith Libolt

Assistant to the Bishop, Missional Community