A Note About Our Heating System

The cold weather is upon us and that is bringing concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 inside buildings with gathered spaces. Our heating system is designed to prevent us from having the usual concerns about transmission of COVID-19 through the air due to heating and air conditioning air circulation.
Our heat is radiant heat that comes from the floor.  There is a system that blows air to bring the temperature up while we are waiting for the floor to increase temperature, yet there is little chance that it would spread the virus for two reasons. First, the air is fresh air fed, there is no cold air ‘return’ which would circulate an already contaminated air supply. Secondly, the system is filtered through a hepa filter to collect pathogens and allergic material.
We are still asking that everyone continue to follow the Gather Again Plan requiring masks while walking through the building and singing.  Additionally, we are still requiring that everyone observe the six foot separation rule, persons be escorted to the restrooms, etc. I hope this gives you some comfort but does NOT lull you into a false sense of security. Be awake!
-Fr. Mark Kurowski