Children decide very quickly if attending Church and being in a Church family is a good thing or a not-so-fun thing. The Adults involved in Children’s Ministry have a mission to capture their hearts and start training them up in the way they should go, so that when they are older (the age when many youth in America are dropping out of church), they won’t depart from it. It’s vital they learn about Jesus, get to know Him and become engaged, excited members of the Body of Christ.

Children’s ministry aims to provide young people a Biblically sound, relevant early education in all areas of Christian faith.

  • Children should be taught undiluted, complete truth translated for age-appropriateness
  • Children should be hear foundational tenets of Christian faith, the Bible and our core beliefs
  • Children should be taught real-life, practical Christianity: how to read and understand the Bible, how to pray, how to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus

Confirmed young people should be able to function as young adults in all aspects of Christian life and walk, explore spiritual gifts, serve in the congregation and articulate their own Christian faith.

What do we do in Children’s Ministry?

  • We’re on a mission to equip and teach, while honoring questions, addressing levels of knowledge and home support and individual levels of maturity and faith. 
  • We equip our volunteer teachers and helpers with knowledge and materials to create a fun instructional setting where kids will learn and have a great time with their peers. 
  •  We focus – intently –  on training children to be powerful Christians in tune with God’s leading and plan for their lives (not babysitting them during church). 
  •  We want to minister to families through our community of children, and give even young children opportunities to participate and serve.

 Children emerge from Sunday School with solid foundation in word, beliefs, tenets and a relationship with Jesus as a person. After Confirmation, our young people emerge ready to participate in our Youth Ministry, equipped and ready to serve.