Gathering Again Plan – COVID-19 UPDATE

May 27, 2021

Dear Christ the King Family,

As we announced at the Mass last Sunday, we are going to begin opening up the Mass in accord with the CDC Guidelines, New York State Guidelines, and Ulster County Health Department Guidelines. Therefore, we are updating our “Gathering Again Plan” from last year as follows:

Guiding Principles:

We are still going to maintain the guiding principles of Selflessness (John 13:34; Matt. 25:40), Care of the Body (James 2:14-17), and Best Medical Practices (1 Tim. 5:23) as outlined in our initial brochure sent to you last year for the June 21, 2020 Mass. Click HERE to download the original brochure.

What to Expect:

Ushers will still give direction for some things

Ushers will no longer need to give direction for a person to enter the restroom. We are asking that if there is someone ahead of you in the restroom that you wait in the hallway maintaining social distancing. Ushers will still take your temperature and seat you.

Smaller Mass Attendance with One Additional Sunday Mass

If we were assured that all members and visitors were vaccinated, we could operate Masses at full capacity. Without judgment, because we cannot be assured that all members and/or visitors are vaccinated or will be vaccinated, we will continue to operate at the capacity that allows us to have seats six feet apart. Because we anticipate more people wanting to attend Mass, we will be adding a second Mass on Sundays at 8 am soon.  This early Mass will be without music and celebrated more like a daily Mass.


We will still be taking reservations for Masses until the mask mandate is lifted by the CDC, NY State, and Ulster County Health Dept.


  • Continue to park in every other parking space unless a space is not available.
  • Your temperature will still be taken before you enter the Church with the touch free thermometer.
  • Masks are required for all who are not vaccinated. All who are vaccinated may go without masks. We reserve the right to ask if you have been vaccinated and will take everyone’s response on the honor system.
  • Hand sanitizer will still be provided at the entry to the church. Sanitizing of hands is still required before entry into the church.
  • Please place your tithe and offering in the basket as you enter the church.
  • You will still be escorted to your seat. Families may sit together without social distancing. Those who are fully vaccinated may sit with others who are fully vaccinated without social distancing. A 6 foot social distance perimeter is required for all who have not been vaccinated.
  • If you need to use the restroom, please remain in the hallway until it is no longer in use.


The Mass

  • Greetings and Passing the Peace may be done with physical contact for those who are vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated, we ask that you maintain social distancing. (a wave, a nod, a smile are still good).
  • You may sing without a mask if you are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you continue to wear a mask when you sing.
  • The hosts will continue to be consecrated in a separate ciborium and served with the celebrants and Eucharistic Ministers wearing masks. We ask that parishioners receive the host with the hands arranged in a “tabernacle” or a “throne”: Both palms up, one palm on top of the other fingers extended flat.
  • The Chalice of Precious Blood will be offered by “intinction.” Intinction is dipping just the tip of the host into the Precious Blood and then consuming. You are not required to receive the Precious Blood.
  • When you receive the Eucharist, your family or section will still be escorted by the ushers.
  • When you receive the Lord at Communion, those who are vaccinated may approach without masks, those who are not vaccinated must wear masks. All are asked to consume the Host as soon as possible.
  • When Mass is over, you will still be escorted by an usher out of the church building. There will still not be a coffee hour at this time. If you wish to talk with others, you may do so outdoors in the parking lot. We ask that those who are not vaccinated to keep a six foot social distance.
  • The Church will continue to be regularly sanitized each week per CDC guidelines.

What to bring

Mask if you are not vaccinated or wish to wear one.
You and/or Your Family!

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski