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9:00am CTK Kids Sunday School (Grades K+)
9:40am CTK Kids Music (Ages 2+)


– Tuesday, May 24 – 4pm-5pm – Music & Pizza
– Tuesday, May 31 – 4pm-5pm – Music & Pizza


Sunday, June 5 – Singing at 10am Mass (Last time for this school year!)
Tuesday, June 14 – 4pm-5pm – Music & Pizza – With 2022 VBS Songs & Crafts!

Enjoy your break over the summer!
Be sure to join us on Sunday, September 11 for Rally Day!

Rally Day – Sunday, September 11

  • 9:00am Sunday School
  • 9:40am CTK Kids Music
  • 10:00am Mass – The kids are involved in the Mass!  Don’t miss out!
  • 11:30am – Rally Day Picnic & Games on the Lawn!

The first Music & Pizza event for the Fall is Tuesday, September 13, and then every 2nd & 4th Tuesday thereafter.

How It Works



The kids meet in the Fellowship Hall for a fun music craft.  The kids then follow our Music Director throughout the church for different fun music activities.  We dance to praise music, learn about music theory, play fun music games, and even learn some new dances and songs to sing during Mass!



Parents meet the kids in the Fellowship Hall for pickup at 5:00pm.  The church provides cheese pizza and water bottles for the kids to enjoy!



We welcome you to join us for a short Tuesday Evening Mass beginning at 5:30pm.  This Mass is only 30min long!  All kids and parents are invited to stay.

Additional Information

Early Arrivals


Early arrivals are welcome anytime after 3:15pm.  Parents must stay with their children until 4:00pm. Parents may pack a healthy snack for their children to eat during this time.  The church will help provide a quiet space for parents and children to work on homework that needs to be completed before 4:00pm.  Children and parents are then encouraged to engage in fun independent music station activities before the program officially begins at 4:00pm in the Nave.


Children may be dropped off for the program beginning at 4:00pm.  The program ends at 5:00pm.  You are invited to stay with the children if you prefer, or you may sneak out as you wish.  We have coffee and tea available for parents to enjoy in the Fellowship Hall while the program is occurring in other locations of the church.  Parents must remain with the kids until 4:00pm, and pickup at 5:00pm.  Pizza is served to the kids when the program ends around 4:50/5:00, and is available until the beginning of Mass at 5:30pm.

CTK Kids to Kids Blanket

Request or Donate a Blanket

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CTK Kids To Kids

Healing Blankets FROM Kids TO Kids


CTK Kids to Kids is a new ministry of prayer blankets.  The kids will pray over a blanket each week for other kids in need of prayerful support in their lives.  The blanket provides comfort and peace for kids who are sick, hospitalized, going through surgery, or grieving – as well as for kids celebrating life of a newborn brother or sister, or recovery from an illness – or for kids who just need the comfort of a prayer blanket.

The blanket is a tangible reminder that God’s love surrounds them. Each blanket is prayed over by the CTK Kids.  It is a powerful ministry that touches the lives of other children in our community, and it reminds us that CTK Kids is much bigger than just a Tuesday night of music and dancing.  The blanket is a reminder of our Christian brothers and sisters who love us, and that we lift each other up in prayer in times of need and in times of celebration.

We would love to welcome everyone’s participation in this wonderful new ministry.  If you would like to donate a blanket, or if you have the name of a child who would like to receive a prayer blanket, please fill out the form.  The children will be praying over a new blanket for each child in need at every CTK Music & Pizza event.


We will be singing this song on SUNDAY, JUNE 5 at 10:00am.

Try practicing with the motions at first, but we will soon be making our own motions together that differ slightly.

Try practicing with the karaoke version mostly.  


These are some other fun songs we have learned at CTK Kids Music.


We learn new music theory at each CTK Kids.  Here’s what we’ve learned so far!

March 15
Quarter Note

The kids learned about the quarter note tonight.  They learned that the quarter note is 1 beat in a measure, just like the quarter rest!  They learned how to conduct 4 beats in a measure.  We listened to a fun Celtic piece by Leahy Next Generation to conduct kids playing music!

March 8
Praise Flags
The kids learned how to use flags and banners in praise and worship.  We learned about the different colors and how they are used for different liturgical seasons throughout the year.  We learned to raise our flags when we are talking about God, and how to listen to the music in praise.

February 22
Quarter Note Rest
The kids learned how to count beats 1-2-3-4.  The kids learned how to watch the cue, and rest on a certain beat.

February 8
Fortissimo, Forte, Piano, Pianissimo
The kids learned the different Italian words for Very Loud, Loud, Soft, and Super Soft.

Event Recap

Here are some of the fun things we have learned so far this year!

March 15

Craft: St. Patrick’s Day Swirls

Music Theory: Quarter Note

Today we had a fun Irish Celebration to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  We made St. Patrick’s Day swirls to be hung in the music room.  We wore green and danced in a green dance room to a fun Irish St. Patrick’s Day playlist. (Check out the playlist here: ST. PATRICK’S DAY PLAYLIST)

After reviewing the Quarter Rest (which only gets 1 beat), we learned all about the Quarter Note, which also gets 1 beat.  Mr. Losee hid a 4-Leaf Clover in the polka dot bag today.  There are 4 leaves on a 4-Leaf Clover – There are 4 Quarters in a dollar – There are 4 Quarters in a football game – And there are 4 Quarter Notes in a measure!  We learned how to conduct in 4 (hold your hand up – move down, in, out, up – 1, 2, 3, 4).  We listened to Leahy Next Generation to conduct the music and our friends.

After learning how to conduct, we had a lot of rehearsal!  We practiced our dance for Easter Sunday, and learned the dance moves to the first verse.  We danced with flags again – which were all green, white, gold, and silver.  (Everyone did a great job standing on a smiley face!)

Tonight, the CTK Kids to Kids blanket is going to Addison.  Addison is a 4-year-old little girl who is recovering from Childhood Leukemia.  She just received her last round of oral chemotherapy, and is preparing to ring the bell!  When we prayed over the blanket, we prayed both for continued healing and for praise and thanksgiving to our God who is truly a God of healing!  It was remarkable to see Caden at the CTK Kids event tonight, especially after praying for him last week.

The evening wrapped up with pizza – and a very special treat from Mrs. Hults – Homemade Irish Soda Bread!

The kids who stayed for Mass did an absolutely amazing job singing “The Blessing.”  They even recessed out of the church at the end of the Mass, which was so powerful to see!  Great job!!

March 8

Craft: Paper Flags

Music Theory: Praise Flags

Today we danced – and danced – and danced some more!  Mrs. Libolt was our special guest, and she taught us all about how to use flags and banners for praise and worship!  She taught us the different colors of the flags are used for different times of the year.  Right now, we are in Lent, so we are using the purple flags.  At Easter, we will start using the white flags.  During Ordinary Time, we will use the green flags.  We got to practice and dance with all of the different flags in many colors.  The flags were a lot of fun!  We even got to watch videos of people flagging – one man made it look so cool, like a ninja!  Another video was all kids dancing and praising with flags.  It was a lot of fun!

Today, we also started a new ministry called CTK Kids to Kids.  This is a new prayer blanket ministry.  Today we prayed over a blanket with prayers of love and healing for Caden Libolt.  Caden fell on the playground a few weeks ago from a very high point on a bridge.  He fractured his skull and broke his collar bone.  His big brothers were with us as we prayed for Caden.  The kids all held the blanket as we prayed for Caden, and we can’t wait to have him back with us at Music and Pizza night!

February 22

Craft: Corn Shakers

Music Theory: Quarter Rest

Today we made corn shakers – super loud corn shakers!  We started off the day making the corn shakers, following the hands and feet to the different music stations, and even getting our photos taken by Bishop Gregory!  (Thank you Bishop!)  We continued with dancing to a new version of “My God is So Big” by Go Fish.  Mr. Losee hid a pillow in the polka dot bag, and then used it to teach us all about the quarter rest.  The pillow showed us that we rest sometimes, but time still goes on.  He taught us how to count beats 1-2-3-4.  We played on beats 1-2-3, and then rested on beat 4.  Even though we rested, we still count the time.  We learned about playing and freezing by dancing to “Freeze Dance” by CovKids. (Which makes a great workout at home for parents, too!)

We rehearsed our song for Sunday!  We will be singing the standard version of “My God Is So Big” at church (meet at 9:40am).  We all lined up, walked to the front of the church, and practiced our song.  While it was new to many kids, it was easy to pick up and learn.  We are definitely ready!  We got all of our energy out at the end with “Let’s Get a Little Crazy” by Lifetree Kids.  We finished in prayer and by singing “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe.  

Lastly, we had pizza again!  It was super fun this time because Mrs. Knick provided special cupcakes for all of the kids as we celebrated Luciella’s 4th birthday!

We can’t wait to see you all again on March 8!  Bring a friend!

February 8

Craft: Kazoos

Music Theory:  Fortissimo, Forte, Piano, & Pianissimo

Today we made our own kazoos.  Mr. Losee hid a remote control in the polka dot bag, and then used it to teach us all about how to play loud, soft, super loud, and super soft.  We played “Timmy Token”, where we hid a chocolate coin for someone to find.  As they got closer to the coin, we sang My God Is So Big, and our voices and kazoos were played forte to fortissimo!  As they got further away, our voices and kazoos were played piano and pianissimo.  Everyone had a great time!  We danced to “Praise Your Name” by Go Fish, and got all of our energy out with “Father Abraham” by Kids On The Move.  Our day wrapped up with a prayer and by singing “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe.  Lastly, we had pizza!  We sang a mealtime prayer, and ate every last piece there was!