A scared world needs a fearless church…

Sunday School information will be sent under separate cover for the weeks while under suspension.

Please see the pastoral message from Fr. Mark Kurowski, Dean of the Cathedral, concerning further information by clicking on the right side arrow.

Dear Christ the King Family,

The Peace of the Lord be with you! I am taking this opportunity to communicate with you regarding the COVID-19 epidemic. Out of an abundance of love (not fear) and wisdom, we will be instituting some changes for the next few weeks; and these adjustments are subject to change and extension as new information is available.

Love demands that we care for one another, and our devotion to God demands that we gather to worship Him in Word & Sacrament. We will be offering Mass for those who wish to attend at our regular time of 10 am on Sunday, and 7 am Thursday; while making a few prudent adjustments during this extraordinary time, so that we can relieve some of our anxiety regarding the gathering together of the Body Christ.

Anyone showing flu or cold symptoms is asked to stay home, as well as anyone in a high risk category. High risk categories are have been
identified as people with cardio vascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, people in treatment for other illnesses, and the elderly.

We encourage all of us to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves, our families, and friends safe and well. Prepare for some disruptions to daily life, pray for God’s mercy, trust in His goodness, and wash your hands! This is a time to remember our calling to love our neighbors as ourselves. To hear the words of St. Paul, “be anxious for nothing, but in everything (especially THIS thing) by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Phil 4:6)

As for Sunday services;

We are cancelling Sunday School for the next few weeks.

We should refrain from shaking hands, holding hands, hugging, or kissing during the Peace, and other times in the church. Maybe a simple bow to one another as we say, “The Peace of Christ be with you” would be appropriate. It is something with which the ancient Church would have been very familiar.

The Eucharist will be shared in one kind until this health crisis has passed. Recognizing that a sacred adherence to the common Cup is an
important part of our worship, we also feel it is prudent at this time to share in the host/bread only. Please note that we believe that Christ is fully present in the host, so know that you will receive all of Christ’s presence, even if it is in “only” one kind.

The Clergy will make a Eucharistic visit to all who request it. Again, if you are not feeling well, or have flu-like symptoms, stay home and rest. Also let Fr. Mark, Deacons Keith or Matt, or Bishop Gregory know so that we may pray for you.

I leave you with this admonishment: TRUST IN GOD & WASH YOUR HANDS!

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Gregory

Bishop Gregory Ortiz

Bishop Gregory Ortiz

Bishop, Diocese of the Northeast, Pastor