Time and seasons are important to us. We are getting ready for Lent which is now 13 days away.  In fact, when it comes to worship, we order our days according to the Hebrew way of thinking: Evening is the beginning of another day.

In Genesis, after every day that was created, it says, “There was evening and morning.” Evening is the start of the day. Shabbat for our brothers and sister Jews starts at sundown on Friday and goes until sundown on Saturday. Yet, it is Shabbat, one day.

Some churches celebrate Mass on Saturday evening on this same principle: the day starts at sundown.  We will see this during Holy Week when the most majestic and most important Mass of the year happens on the Saturday of Holy Week in the evening. Because it is in the evening, it is actually the First Mass of Easter called “The Easter Vigil.”

The Easter Vigil begins on Thursday evening. It is part of three parts of a single Mass that take place from the time of the institution of the Lord’s Supper in the Upper Room to the Crucifixion on Good Friday; then to the Resurrection at The Easter Vigil.  It is three days of solemnity and prayer as we contemplate all that our Lord Jesus Christ did for us.

Please mark your calendar now for Thursday, April 1, 2021. That is Holy Thursday. It is when the Mass that ends at The Easter Vigil ends. Please make plans to come to the 7 pm Mass on Thursday, the 7 pm Good Friday observance, and the 7 pm Easter Vigil.   Mark these on your calendars now and start to plan backwards. Ask for different hours from your employer, if possible. Re-arrange meetings or events, please.

Let us plan ahead for Lent and Easter so that we can give our entire selves to it: evening and morning the next day, the Resurrection Day.

Fr. Mark Kurowski

Fr. Mark Kurowski